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The Changing Retail Landscape

Technology has changed the retail sector forever. Businesses that used to take decades to build are being disrupted by the likes of Warby Parker, Glossier and Casper in less than a decade

While a new set of competitors has emerged, the way we shop is also fundamentally changing.  There is a lot of debate about online vs. in-store but the truth is customers want both.  From subscription services, to cashier free stores, to smaller store formats everything is changing.  Add to the mix technologies like augmented reality, while at their infancy, are changing the nature of shopping. It’s an exciting time.  But it’s hard to make sense of what matters most to your customers.  That is where we can help you  

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Customer Experience & Digital Innovation Consulting Services

Let us do the work for you. We know where the future is headed and can work with you to ensure that your customers enjoy the ride.  Here are some of the questions we can help you to solve:

  • What are the biggest retail trends? Which ones are hype? Which ones will matter most to my customers?

  • How can my business compete better with Amazon? What is a winning strategy that is tailored to my business?

  • What emerging technologies should my business invest in to provide a better shopping experience?

  • How should my business strategy evolve in order to better compete with new and fast growing competitors?

  • How should the customer experience I provide in-store change in order to exceed customer expectations?


Typically our consulting services help organizations in four areas: (1) acquiring new customers (2) enhancing loyalty amongst existing customers (3) identifying new markets and channels for growth and (4) finding new ways to increase margin

Examples of Our Work Experience

  • Developed the annual operating plan and three-year strategy for the CEO and board of a large retailer 

  • Advised an early stage retail startup on how to increase the rate of customer acquisition  

  • Developed sales growth strategies for four business units within a large retailer. Created sales, eCommerce, product and pricing strategies and identified new opportunities for growth 

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Why Work With Us

  • We know retail.  From consulting with retail clients, to working in the retail industry, to creating a retail trends blog that helps retailers every day to capitalize on growth opportunities we know this industry

  • We have world class consulting expertise.  We understand how to solve problems, how to structure engagements and deliver recommendations that work.  See some of our experiences here

  • We care about helping your organization reach its full potential. This is not just a job for us we truly enjoy helping companies to succeed which can be seen by our commitment to putting out content that can make a difference in your organization today

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