Tricia McKinnon, CEO of Indigo9 Digital Inc.

Tricia McKinnon, CEO of Indigo9 Digital Inc.

About Me

Understanding the stories behind successful businesses and icons is one of my favourite pastimes and sharing those insights with you is another.  I started learning about why certain businesses succeed and why others fail while obtaining my undergraduate and graduate business degrees from the University of Toronto.  Then I spent close to 10 years at a world class consulting firm helping companies like yours to succeed  

I am also a voracious consumer of content.  Whether it’s a book, an article, or a podcast I am always learning something new.  I started my retail blog to share my insights on the retail sector.  Over a hundred posts later I have discovered that blogging is a great way for me to stay informed as well as to share valuable insights about the customer experience and digital innovation in the retail sector directly with you

Our Blog

I along with the rest of our team research, write and publish blog posts every week.   Our goal when writing our posts is to make it easy for you. You don’t have a lot of time so we only give you the information you need on the topics that matter

Our Newsletter

The benefit of subscribing to our newsletter is that the content is even more curated than what you will find by browsing through our blog.  It has the latest forward looking retail trends and insights that matter, delivered directly to your inbox

Our Consulting Services

With over ten years of experience as a strategy consultant I work with clients to solve difficult strategic issues as well as to identify opportunities to increase sales growth.  I have deep expertise in retail and years of experience conducting market and competitor research, identifying trends and recommending big ideas for growth.  You can find my detailed work experience here.

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Team Meeting
Team meeting


Our Values

When you are thinking about who to follow and who you want to work with, values matter. Here are our four of our most important values:

  • Integrity – Doing what is right even if it goes against the crowd 

  • Excellence – Providing insights and deliverables at the highest quality standards

  • Collaboration - Leveraging the wisdom and talent of client teams

  • Innovation - Thinking outside of conventional wisdom to recommend new ideas that make an impact