Why Email Marketing Is More Important Now Than Ever


By Tricia McKinnon

Who said email is dead?  Facebook’s January 11, 2018 announcement of changes to its newsfeed algorithm is a reminder of the importance of owning your marketing assets.  If you missed Facebook’s announcement here is a quick summary.  Facebook’s newsfeed will prioritize content from friends and family over content from news publishers and brands. Facebook’s goal according to Mark Zuckerberg has shifted from helping users to find relevant content to helping users have more meaningful social interactions.

After hearing this news, a lot of organizations that depend on Facebook for engagement and traffic are on edge, wondering how the changes will impact them.  While email may sound like yesterday’s news it still offers a direct line to your customers.  According to eMarketer, across popular marketing tactics, many Marketers rank email as having the highest ROI, even higher than SEO.  While the social media networks provide an opportunity to reach and engage with customers they also control how content is disseminated.   Will the algorithm of the social media platform you use change? By how much?  What will the impact be?  These are ongoing questions for any organization that is dependent on social media for traffic.

The best defense is a good offense.  Email is still an important channel in any marketer's toolkit.  The number of emails sent continues to increase at an annual rate of 4% and it is still used widely among younger demographics.

If nurturing your email list has not been a priority now is the time to create an initiative to gather more email addresses.  From ebooks, to product discounts there are a number of ways to entice customers to subscribe.

There are also a few things to keep in mind before you run your next email campaign:


Annoying Features of Email Marketing According to US Business Professionals (July 2017)


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Annoying Features of Email Marketing

It's never too late to build a robust email marketing program that keeps customers engaged and coming back for more.

Tricia McKinnon