Video: How Retailers Are Using Digital Tech to Provide a Better Customer Experience

By Tricia McKinnon

Neiman Marcus, Ikea and Alibaba are three retailers that are effectively using technology to transform the customer experience.  Stay tuned to see how these retailers are making your shopping experience better.

If you don't have time to watch the video, the rest of the video transcript is below:

Video Transcript

Neiman Marcus partnered with MemoMi to introduce memory mirrors in its stores.  The memory mirror allows customers to record a 360-degree video of themselves trying on clothing.  Try on a dress and spin around while the memory mirror takes an 8 second video clip.  The technology makes it easier for customers to see their outfit from all angles.  The mirror can also transform into a split screen so that you can compare looks.  Once they are finished customers can email their looks to themselves or easily share them on social media. 

Ikea’s augmented reality app Ikea Place will change the way you buy furniture.  Using the Ikea Place app take a picture of your living room. The app automatically measures the space, then it provides recommendations on furniture that fits in the space.  Ikea’s app was created using Apple’s AR Kit.  It’s one of the first apps to be released using Apple’s augmented reality technology.  It’s a great example of how AR and mobile phones will change the way we buy things. 

Alibaba is a Chinese eCommerce giant. Since approximately 85% of retail sales takes place offline in China, Alibaba created a “New Retail” strategy. The strategy focuses on connecting online and offline retail and digitizing stores to provide a better customer experience.  As part of this initiative Alibaba opened brick and mortar supermarkets called Hema. In Hema supermarkets customers scan a product’s QR code using Hema’s smartphone app and receive product information including nutritional values. Customers pay using the app which is connected to Alipay a digital wallet. The app also remembers shopper buying behavior and leverages machine learning to make personalized product recommendations.

Technology is making shopping easier by the minute.


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