4 Consumer Tech Innovations That Can Help With Your Health and Wellness Goals

Men bicycle riding

By Tricia McKinnon

From UV ray tracking at your fingertips to smart running shoes there are many innovations designed with your health and wellness in mind. Here are four products that you should take a look at today.

L’Oréal launched a wearable device that tracks exposure to UVA and UVB rays called UV Sense.  The tiny wearable device is smaller than a piece of M&M candy and can be placed on your fingernail.  While wearing the device data is sent to your smartphone where an app can tell you if you have had too much sun exposure.  L’Oréal is offering the product on a limited basis during the summer of 2018 and a full global launch will take place next year.

Under Armour has created a smart shoe called HOVR.  The shoe contains a fitness tracker which can measure nearly every running metric that exists including distance, time, calories, average speed, maximum speed, cadence, stride length and distance.  It can even measure a runner’s gait in order to reduce the risk of injury.  The chip that is placed in these shoes is connected to Under Armour’s MapMyRun app. The app also provides training advice based on your performance.  Users can even go for a run without their smartphone.   The data recorded in the shoe synchs up with the app when the user returns home.

SOLOS Smart Glasses provide cyclists and runners their performance statistics while they are exercising.  Data relevant to the user including distance, calories burned, elevation, heart rate and more appears on a virtual screen so the user does not have to look down at their phone or fitness tracker.   Voice commands can be used to direct the type of information that appears on the virtual screen, make phone calls and play music.  

For peple that cannot keep track of how much water they drink in a day they may want to try the Ozmo Active Smart Cup water bottle.  The water bottle has a sensor that detects changes in water levels to provide an accurate assessment of total water consumed.  The high-tech water bottle can also sync with Fitbit and Apple Health so that the user can keep track of their health goals.


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Tricia McKinnon