3 Sports & Fitness Product Innovations You Should Checkout This Year

By Tricia McKinnon

Want to make your fitness routine more exciting? Here are three product innovations that you should be aware of.

  1. Nike recently unveiled Adapt BB its first self-lacing basketball sneaker.  Controlled by a small motor in the shoe the laces can either be tightened or loosened by the touch of a button on the shoe or by using a smartphone app.  The app can help customers get the perfect fit as the laces adjust seamlessly to the wearer’s foot size and dimensions. The smartphone app that connects to the sneakers via Bluetooth can control the laces and in the future may be able to provide shoe owners with performance data and/or helpful tips on how to improve.  The shoe needs to be charged every 10-14 days using a charging mat.  

  2. Are you looking to spice up your fitness routine?  If you are Nordic Track’s Virtual Reality Bike might be for you.  The bike comes with a virtual reality headset that allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual game world while achieving your fitness goals. There is an incentive to workout harder as your physical intensity on the bike is responsible for your progress in the virtual game world. This “total body gaming” will make time fly by on your next workout. The bike can also be connected to a fitness program where a virtual personal trainer commands you to either increase or decrease your level of intensity based on your fitness goals. 

  3. SOLOS Smart Glasses provide cyclists and runners their performance statistics while they are exercising.  Data relevant to the user including distance, calories burned, elevation, heart rate and more appears on a virtual screen so the user does not have to look down at their phone or fitness tracker.   Voice commands can be used to direct the type of information that appears on the virtual screen, make phone calls and play music.


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Tricia McKinnon