7 Ways to Use Your New Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Devices

By Tricia McKinnon

The market for smart speakers is estimated to grow by 32% between 2017 and 2022.   Amazon’s line of Echo devices have been around the longest and currently have the largest market share at an estimated 62%.  Alphabet (Google Home) comes in second with an estimated market share of 33%.  By 2022 it is expected that over 70% of households will have a smart speaker versus the estimated 14% of the US population that owns a smart speaker today. 

If you have not purchased a smart speaker yet or if you have one and are wondering about all the ways in which you can use it, these are the most popular uses of smart speakers as well as how they might be used in the future.

The top seven uses for smart speakers, according to a report by CNBC are to: 

1. Listen to music – 70%

2. Obtain the weather forecast – 64% 

3. Ask fun questions – 53%

4. Online search – 47%

5. Check the news – 46%

6. Set alarms / reminders – 46%

7. Make calls – 36% 

Some of the emerging uses of smart speakers include: 

1. Asking for directions – 34%

2. Smart home commands – 31%

3. Shopping and ordering items – 30%

4. Checking traffic – 27%

5. Sending and receiving messages – 24% 

6. Playing games – 20%

7. Food delivery – 17%

8. Hotel and flight research – 16% 

Pick one up today, in my experience they are more useful than you realize.


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