3 Tech Products That Can Make Your Life Easier

By Tricia McKinnon

Are you trying to sleep better? Or are you having trouble organizing all of your notes? What about a new way to tackle one of your weekend chores? Here are three products that show how technology can be used to make your life easier.

1. Sleepbuds from Bose

Forget about those drugstore earplugs and instead try a pair of Sleepbuds from Bose.  Instead of playing music the buds play relaxing tones including the sound of falling rain and ocean waves which can help you to sleep better by blocking excess noise including the sound of a snoring partner. The buds are wireless and work with the Bose Sleep app.  They are designed so that they  stay in place while you sleep all night.  While Bose pioneered noise cancelling technology it found that noise masking is better for sleep.

2. Moleskine Smart Writing Set Notebook

The Moleskin smart writing notebook is similar to a standard notebook in size but has many additional features.  One of the features is a smart pen that has an infrared camera close to the tip the pen to track movements as you write or draw on the smart notebook. The technology underpinning the smart notebook makes it possible to transcribe handwritten notes into digital text in conjunction with the Moleskine Notes app.   Drawings can also be transferred from the notepad to a computer in real time.  One charge of the smart pen last five hours and notes can easily be shared digitally as an image or text. 

3. iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum is a cordless and wireless vacuum that can clean your home while you are watching TV or taking a nap. iRobot is controlled by the iRobot HOME app and the vacuum works wirelessly to clean your home. To aide with navigation and to avoid hitting furniture and other objects it is also equipped with a camera.  Using the iRobot HOME app you can schedule, start, pause or stop cleaning cycles from anywhere at any time.  Since It also works with Amazon’s Alexa. Users can use voice commands to ask Alexa to start, stop, and pause cleaning jobs. It is a quiet vacuum and when it is low on batteries it goes back to its charging station on its own to recharge.   


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Tricia McKinnon