11 Clothing Rental Services That Allow You to Have a New Outfit Everyday


By Tricia McKinnon

Want to have an endless wardrobe but at a fraction of the cost? If that sounds like you, why not  try a clothing rental service?  You are likely familiar with Rent the Runway which launched its clothing rental service ten years ago in 2009.  Since then a number of stand-alone clothing rental companies have popped up like Le Tote.  And with the global clothing rental market growing at a rate of 20% per year retailers like Ann Taylor have started to let customers rent clothing as well because they don’t want to be left out of this trend.

Part of the popularity of these services is due to customers wanting more sustainable clothing options.  You may not realize this but the t-shirt you are wearing, may have used, on average, between 400 – 600 gallons of water (i.e. 7-10 bathtubs full of water) in the manufacturing process.  Renting clothing is also a more environmentally friendly way of ensuring that your #ootd (out of the day) is on trend without breaking the bank or the environment. 

Whatever your needs are, from a more inclusive range of clothing sizes, to maternity wear to access to hundreds of brands here is a list of clothing rental services designed to meet your needs.

1. Rent the Runway 

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway practically created the rental clothing market.  It has two main plans for customers.  One for $89 per month and one for $159 per month. The difference between the plans is that under the cheaper plan customers can get four items per month and cannot get any new items until the next month.  With the more expensive plan customers can receive up to four items per month with unlimited swaps during a four-week period.  The fees include free shipping and returns, dry cleaning and insurance.  

If a customer wants to keep an item they can do so at approximately 50% off. Now you can even rent home décor items from Rent the Runway through its partnership with West Elm.  Rent the Runway has a large assortment, with for example, more than 6,000 dresses available for rent from over 600 designer brands.  The brands you can rent from Rent the Runway include Tory Burch, IRO, Rag and Bone, Jason Wu and The Kooples.  Start renting today at: www.renttherunway.com.

2. American Eagle Outfitters

Credit: American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO)’s “Style Drop” launched in January of this year.  The service allows you to rent AEO merchandise.  Three items are included in each subscription box but to get started customers have to add up to eight items to a virtual closet.  You can prioritize which items you would like to receive first although there is no guarantee that those items will show up in the your first shipment.  The service costs $49.95 per month and in addition to the clothing it includes unlimited exchanges, free shipping both ways and free dry cleaning. If you decide to keep an item, you can purchase the item at a discount of up to 70%. Start renting today at: www.aestyledrop.com

3. Nully


URBN (the parent company of Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People) launched Nuuly in May of this year.  Nuuly is a clothing rental service that offers over 1,000 items to rent from URBN as well as 100 third party brands (Reebok, Fila, Champion, Levi’s etc.).  Once you have received your chosen styles you can swap them out the next month to try a new set of items. If you fall in love with an item you can buy it. The service costs $88 per month to rent six items. The fee also includes free shipping, returns and laundry services.  Most clothing is available in sizes 00 to 26 and certain pieces go up to size 40.  Only women’s clothing are available for rental for now.  Start renting today at: www.nuuly.com

4. Bloomingdales



Not wanting to be left out department stores have also jumped into the rental market. Bloomingdales has launched a rental service called My List.  It costs $149 per month. Customers can rent up to four styles per month for as long as they want with unlimited exchanges. Customers also have the option of buying any items they wish to keep.  Initially customers will be able to choose clothing from a roster of 60 brands including: All Saints, J Brand and Mackage.  New brands will be added overtime.  To use this service you can choose up to ten items and can prioritize which ones you would like to receive first although there is no guarantee that your first ship will reflect what you have prioritized. You can also keep what you like permanently for a fee.  The cost of the service covers shipping both ways and cleaning services. Start renting today at: www.mylistatbloomingdales.com.

5. Vince

Vince Unfold

Vince has a clothing rental program called Vince Unfold. Customers using this service create a virtual closet where they add at least ten items to it.  Vince then selects four items to send to the customer based on what is in their virtual closet. Customers can rent up to four items at a time with unlimited exchanges per month and free shipping both ways.  Vince recommends that customer keep 24 items in their virtual closet since all of the items they select may not be available at the same time.  Customers also have the option of keeping items they like for a discounted price of between 20% - 60% off. The service costs $160 per month.  Start renting today at: www.vinceunfold.com 

6. Rebecca Taylor

Credit: Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor has a clothing service called RNTD where customers can rent the brand’s clothing.  At $159 per month it is priced similar to Rent the Runway and Vince’s rental services.  Customers using the service must put at least 10 items into a queue similar to the way Vince’s service operates.  You can prioritize your favourites then Rebecca Taylor selects four items for your shipment.  There are unlimited swaps but to receive new items you have to send back the entire shipment.  If you really like an item you have rented you can purchase it at a discount. The fee for this service also includes free shipping both ways and dry cleaning. Start renting today at: www.rebeccataylorrntd.com.

 7.  Express Style Trial 

Credit: Express

Express launched Express Style Trial last October.  Customers can rent up to three items at one time with unlimited exchanges.  Like other services customers have to place at least eight items they wish to rent into a virtual closet.  Express then sends three items to you based on availability.  When you are finished with your box of clothing you have to ship the clothing back then another three items can be rented.  It costs $69.95 per month to use the service and that fee includes free shipping and exchanges.  Customers can purchase items that they wish to keep at a discounted price.  Start renting today at: www.expstyletrial.com.

8.  Le Tote 


This is a good option for maternity clothing especially for mom’s that want to look great but do not want to invest in an entirely new wardrobe.  Customers have to return all of the items in a tote to receive the next one. The service starts at $79 a month or $89 for maternity.  Depending on the plan you choose you can get either one tote or two totes per month.  For $79 you get three clothing items and two accessories.  If you find an item that you would love to keep you can do so for up to 50% of the price.  Some of the brands you can choose from include: Vince Camuto, Anthropologie, Free People, French Connection, Levi’s and Kate Spade. Le Tote offer free shipping both ways and laundry services. Start renting today at: www.letote.com.  

9.  Gwynnie Bee


If you are looking for a size inclusive clothing rental service then Gwynnie Bee is the service for you.  Clothing is offered in sizes from 0-32.  You can receive up to 10 items per shipment.  Around 200 brands are available to rent and brands offered range from: Calvin Klein to Adrianna Papell. If you want to keep an item then you are free to purchase it. Plans range from: one garment for $49 to $199 for ten items at a time. To get started with this service select items that you would like to rent and place them into a virtual closet.  You can choose which items are a priority but what is delivered first is based on availability. With all plans customers get unlimited exchanges, shipping both ways and laundry services. Start renting today at: www.closet.gwynniebee.com.

10.  Haverdash


It costs $59 per month to use this service.  For that price you can rent three items with unlimited exchanges per month.  Some of the brands offered include: Vince Camuto, Adrianna Papell, and Calvin Klein. Like other companies on this list you must put at least eight items in your virtual closet to get started.  Once your virtual closet is set up Haverdash selects three items to send to you based on availability.  If you mark items as priority Haverdash will try to get those items to you first but there is no guarantee. Once you are finished with a box of clothing simply send it back to get your next box. Shipping is free both ways as well as cleaning services.  For the items that you wear and love you can buy them at a discounted price. Start renting today at: www.haverdash.com.


11. Infinitely LOFT

retail trends

This service costs $65 per month and for that fee you receive an unlimited number of swaps per month. Customers using the service can receive three pieces at a time.  Loft recommends that customers place at least 20 items in their virtual closet in order to have the most seamless experience.  As with other clothing rental services you can prioritize which items ship first and Loft will do its best to get you the items based on what you have prioritized.  The service is also size inclusive with sizes ranging in from 00 – 26. You can keep any items you love at a discount of between 50% to 80% off. Exchanges, shipping and laundry services are free. Start renting today at: www.infinitelyloft.com.