The Top In-Store Factors That Will Cause Your Customers to Choose a Competitor Over You


By Tricia McKinnon

If you had to guess what in-store factor would make one of your customers choose another store next time what would it be? If you guessed customer service you are right. According to a report by eMarketer many of the top in-store factors that would cause customers to check out your competition have to do with providing courteous service delivered by knowledgeable employees that aren’t too focused on the sale. Sounds simple but in reality it is hard to deliver on this promise.

Now that you have some more data on the factors that contribute to a customer choosing one store over another where are you going to prioritize your efforts?

Which In-Store Factors Would Cause a Shopper in the United States Shop at Another Store

  1. Employees were rude to me – 42%

  2. Store was disorganized – 17%

  3. Prices were higher than expected – 15%

  4. Employees were not knowledgeable – 13%

  5. Sales people tried to sell me on the product – 13%

  6. Checkout lines were too long – 12%

  7. Employees didn’t offer assistance at any point – 12%

  8. Items not in stock – 12%

  9. Limited selection of products - 12%

  10. Items I saw online were not in store – 11%

  11. Store was crowded – 10%

Source: eMarketer, September 2018


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